Fattoria di Piazzano

A one life passion


In the heart of Tuscany

Fattoria di Piazzano is surrounded by the splendid countryside of Empolese Valdelsa, in the heart of Tuscany. It is a small village of houses on the top of a sweet hill surrounded by vines and olive trees for a total of 60 hectares mostly cultivated by vineyards.
It is here that Bettarini family live and work; where their wines are produced.

Our origins

Fattoria di Piazzano represent the extraordinary passion for the wines of the entire Bettarini family.

In 1948, Otello Bettarini, a well-known manufacturer from Prato, with the passion for the astronomy, fell so much in love in these places to decide to move here definitively.

Astral conjuction

In this village, on the hills in the southern part of Empoli, he found the right astral conjuction to begin what will become his main activity: the Viticulture.

It will be later Riccardo, firstly supporting his uncle Otello and then managing by his own the already started activity, who contributed to promote and appreciate Piazzano wines also in the international markets.

NASA Asteroid 7141 “Bettarini” Certificate (1994 EZ1) in memory of Otello Bettarini (1905-1982).

Third generation

Heirs of a culture

At the end of 90s, Riccardo entrusts the management of the winery to his children, Rolando and Ilaria, supported by Michela, Rolando’s wife.

The combination of cultural traditions, land conservation and the application of new agricultural techniques will be the trump card for the production of high quality wines.

Respect for the territory and

“Our aim is to produce wines which are the real expression of our terroir and maximize its potential.”

For their work, despite experience raised in the vineyards, they are supported by the precious consultancy of talented professionists. Their aim is to guarantee the quality of the products since ever, emphasizing the potential of the terroir and respecting the eco-sustainability which keeps our terroir as much healty as possible, but with an eye on new technologies and market requirements.
For this reason they favor an eco-sustainable managing of the agriculture with the use techniques which guarantee a lower impact on the protection of the environment and biodiversity.
With this in mind of safeguarding and protecting the surrounding area, they  we decided to use only energies produced by renewable sources, sensible reduction in the use of fertilizers and other chemical products in the vineyards and in the cellars, less use of plastic in packaging, use of lighter glass for bottles.