Fattoria di Piazzano

Bettarini viticoltori since 1948


Our story

Fattoria di Piazzano represents the extraordinary passion for the world of wine of an entire family, the Bettarini family.

Our Wines

In this village, on the hills of the southern part of Empoli, vineyards marry family traditions producing high quality wines.

Terroir and eco-sustainability

“Nature is our home and its protection is our duty”

Their life philosophy is aimed to the respect of the human beings and environment since ever.

For this reason they  favor an eco-sustainable managing of agriculture with the use of techniques which guarantee a lower  impact on the protection of the environment. Saving biodiversity is also primary in this. 

With this in mind of safeguarding and protecting the surrounding area, they decided to use only energies produced by renewable sources.

Wine Touring

Fattoria di Piazzano created a welcoming space dedicated to the tasting of our products.

In our place, tourists and passionate can visit this reality living an experience immersed in Empoli countryside, considered unforgettable for passionate of wine and Italian wine tradition